What's in your Real Estate tool box?

We are looking straight into the eye of what might be one of THE BEST market cycles for us in our lifetime. ARE YOU READY for it?

Building your real estate investing portfolio takes knowledge, time and tools. Yes, just like building a house you need a good set of plans, a set of reliable and flexible tools, skilled and experienced expertise and a large toolbox in order to build a solid, beautiful structure that you can enjoy and receive benefits from for decades to come.

The good news is that adding creative financing tools to your toolbox is not rocket science. You likely already know the basics. If you have used a promissory note, a mortgage, a deed of trust, or a lease, you understand the fundamentals of how creative financing works.  

You just need to tap into the experience, knowledge and expertise of the experts around you and the Real Estate Financing Toolbox let's you do just that!

In this comprehensive 5 part training we share with you the most common and useful creative financing tools that will help build you real estate portfolio faster, more consistently, with less upfront costs (and often no money down) and with a better long-term result.

Real Estate Financing Toolbox is creative financing defined, explained and demonstrated in easy to understand and use examples.  Here is an overview of the training that is covered:

Part 1 - Overview - Creative Financing - an overall training on the various forms of creative financing

Part 2 - Lease options Creative
•       Learn how to control and profit from valuable assets without ownership.
•       How to use Options to solve a variety of problems so you are the solution seller
•       Find out how to consistently get paid 3 ways on the same deal
•       Uncover the 3 elementary yet essential ingredients for financial success in creative real estate.

 Part 3 - Wrap Arounds Creative
•       What IS a Wrap?
•       How to make your Wrap Bulletproof 
•       When you can and can't do a wrap 
•       How to structure a deal using “subject to” financing - can you say no qualifying!

 Part 4 – Seller Carry Back
•       What is seller carry-back or seller financing
•       How to explain seller financing to the sellers to make them WANT to move forward

•       The 3-Option Letter of Intent

Part 5 - Collateral Property
•       What is collateral property?
•       Do's and Don'ts of using collateral property
•       Case Study: How to leverage your existing collateral property to max your profits  

In this interactive workshop you will:
•       Access all 5 60-minute Webinar style modules
•       See, experience and learn from Real Case Studies!
•       See diagrams and examples that will explain exactly when and how the tools are used.
•       Have action items to be accountable to learning the tool
•      Be a part of an End of series live recap

Be a Master of you Real Estate Toolbox!
Price: $397

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